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    A&D Starts Joint Project with Darmstadt Technical University in Germany.

    Darmstadt Technical University, or FZD, ( http://www.tu-darmstadt.de/index.en.jsp) is the well-known German institute of technology which has conducted various joint surveys and commissioning tests of dynamic vehicle behaviors. As a mark of the high regard they are held in within the German automotive sector, most of the major German vehicle manufacturers have formed research partnerships with FZD. The university’s automotive engineering department was looking for alternative measurement tools to precisely measure applied forces on wheels under various driving conditions. For wheel force measurement, accurate data gathered in real time is indispensable. FZD had found that using conventional force sensing methods was problematic in meeting these criteria.


    Dr. Juergen Bredenbeck, Managing Director of A&D Europe, our subsidiary in Germany, learned about their requirements and realized that A&D's Wheel Force Sensor or WFS system (http://www.aandd.jp/products/dsp/wfs.html) is exactly the tool they had been looking for. However, he also realized that, as in the past, the lack of an actual installation of A&D's system in Europe would be a significant hindrance to offering a tempting proposal and might deter FZD from accepting our offer, as he had experienced in many similar cases previously. At various industry events he had exhibited A&D's advanced measurement tools and clearly demonstrated all of their advantages over the conventional tools available in the market; however this issue of the lack of an installation in Europe always came up.

    With the prospects of a deal looking grim, Dr. Jeurgen Bredenbeck came to the realization that FZD actually had a test course available. They own a local airport and can use the runway as the vehicle test course. Thus, he proposed we would demonstrate how our system works on their own test course. In December 2011, the first demonstration of A&D's WFS system was performed at August Euler Airport in Griesheim. A&D Europe's staff instructed how to install the tools,
    demonstrated the measurement procedure, and gathered data by driving the vehicle on the airport runway. They examined the data together with university staff. The data turned out to be rigorous and accurate enough to use for their graduate students’ research in collaboration with automotive companies.

    Having found the tool fulfilled their stringent requirements, negotiations went rather smoothly from there and FZD decided to deploy the A&D wheel force measurement tool for their automotive projects. It has become a landmark sale for A&D as it was the first A&D Wheel Force Sensor measurement system installed in Europe. It is being extensively used helping graduate students or future automobile engineers conduct experiments and create research and dissertation papers. This research will refer to A&D's WFS tool whenever published in papers, which should be circulated in not only Germany, but throughout the world.

    In September 2012, FZD and A&D signed a 3 year contract for a joint project on vehicle dynamics testing. Dr. Juergen Bredenbeck says, "I am glad that A&D and TU Darmstadt have this cooperation. FZD is an ideal reference for A&D as they do have many projects, which will make use of the A&D WFS product and therefore will be able to feed back their experiences about performance and quality of data created with this equipment. I am expecting this to become a multiplier especially due to the fact that we can utilize this equipment and demonstrate them to interested customers at the proving ground of FZD. " Demonstration of A&D's wheel force measurement tool by a third party is now up and running on the runway of August Euler Airport with the talented researchers of FZD.



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